Yongli XYL-8805 Barcode Scanner 650nm Laser EAN UPC 10-600 Degree Scanning Angle

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1) Simple installation ,keyboard Wedge Serial , Wand Emulation
2) NOVELL compatible – auto Caps lock detection ensures that the data always appears on the computer just the way it encoded in the bar code
3) Simple programming from your keyboard or scan bar codes
4) Over 180 configurable options
5) Automatically clones decoders in under 10 seconds . over 300 decoders per hour
6) Auto detection of the type of computer (PC, XT,AT,PS/2,and XWindow terminals with a PC Compatible keyboard interface)
7) Supports over twenty different keyboard country layouts
8) Map bar code data to any key on the keyboard
9) Supports editing operations include (Insert stripping Filtering Convert Case)
10) Macro support replace a string in the bar code with another
11) Programmable preamble postamble and termination strings
12) READ/NO-READ indicators (buzzer and LED)
13) Superior reading performance utilizing advanced decoding algorithms
14) Extended ASCII support for Code 128 bar codes
15) Low power consumption

- Model: XYL-8805
- Power:DC 5V
- Working current:110mA
-  Quiescent current: 40mA
- Operating temperature: -10℃ -45℃
- Storage Temperature: -20℃ -60℃
- Relative Humidity:5% -95%(non condensing)
- Ambient brightness:Max.4000Lux(fluorescent light)
- Shock: 1.5mm drop on concrete surface

Package Content
- 1 x Barcode Scanner
- 1 x User manual
- 1 x USB cable


Additional Info

Additional Information

Codice Articolo SH-8742
Prix 32,90 €
Marque Yongli
Modèle XYL-8805
Couleur Gris
Connectivité Non
Autres Fonctions Non
Dimensions N/A
Poids N/A
Contenu du Colis
  • 1 x Barcode Scanner
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x USB cable
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